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    As a LEET Developer, you will be asked to develop plugins made exclusively for LEET. This goes from “simple” plugins to more “complex” ones. You will need to get your own tools in order to achieve this task. It is preferable to use your computer. We ask from our developers to have a certain level of maturity. Being a staff member for LEET doesn’t equal going to kindergarten! We do not tolerate people pretending to be developers, if we find out that you have made malicious plugins, copied other plugins or anything else you will be rejected. You are expected to be able to write efficient and well formatted object-oriented PHP, if you do not know PHP then you are unable to develop plugins for LEET.

    To apply, follow these steps:

    Login/create here on
    Create a new thread in the developer application forum
    Enter the following information in the thread:

    First name:
    What country do you live in:
    What is your native language:
    What other languages do you speak:
    Why do you want develop for LEET:

    Previous development experience:

    How long have you been using LEET:
    What is your experience with LEET:
    Which parts of the PocketMine API are you familiar with:
    What kind of plugins have you made:
    Are you okay with using Slack:
    Real age*:
    How would you improve LEET:

    Link to source code of previous work:

    Other things you’d like to mention:

    *If you fake your age and we notice it your account will be terminated and you will never be able to apply again.

    Professional developer in the adult entertainment industry with the occasional Minecraft related project.


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