Slapper Plugin Tutorial

  • Welcome to my tutorial about the slapper plugin all information is here!

    Source Link:

    Example: /slapper spawn BrantGaming Server Information

    Spawns a NPC of BrsntGaming’s skin with the text Server Information!


    • /slapper [args…]
    • /nothing - Does nothing! This is the default fallback command.
    • /rca <player> <command> - Run command as another player! This can be used to only run the command if the player has permission.
    • help: /slapper help
    • spawn: /slapper spawn <type> [name]
    • edit: /slapper edit [id] [args…]
    • id: /slapper id
    • remove: /slapper remove [id]
    • version: /slapper version
    • cancel: /slapper cancel
    • updateall: /slapper updateall

    Edit args:

    • helmet: /slapper edit <eid> helmet <id>

    • chestplate: /slapper edit <eid> <id>

    • leggings: /slapper edit <eid> leggings <id>

    • boots: /slapper edit <eid> boots <id>

    • skin: /slapper edit <eid> skin

    • name: /slapper edit <eid> name <name>

    • addcommand: /slapper edit <eid> addcommand <command>

    • delcommand: /slapper edit <eid> delcommand <command>

    • listcommands: /slapper edit <eid> listcommands

    • update: /slapper edit <eid> update

    • block: /slapper edit <eid> block <id>

    • tphere: /slapper edit <eid> tphere

    • tpto: /slapper edit <eid> tpto

    • menuname: /slapper edit <eid> menuname <name/remove>
      Spoiler: Aliases for edit args

    What you can spawn:

    • Player (Human)

    • Zombie

    • Zombie Pigman (PigZombie)

    • Creeper

    • Skeleton

    • Bat

    • Slime

    • Magma Cube (LavaSlime)

    • Enderman

    • Silverfish

    • Spider

    • CaveSpider

    • Villager

    • Chicken

    • Cow

    • Pig

    • Wolf

    • Mooshroom (MushroomCow)

    • Sheep

    • Squid

    • Blaze

    • Ghast

    • VillagerZombie (ZombieVillager)

    • Ocelot

    • FallingSand

    • PrimedTNT

    • Fireball

    • Boat

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  • @BrantGaming or @eace1111 and can we spawn lighting strike?

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  • @kingdkop I don’t believe that is an option

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  • So if i want to spawn my skin (KingDkop) and add to it a command and put on it diamond boots what i must do?

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