Android Update (0.14 support)

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    @Ethanm13598 its annoying because BLCrafts numbers have dropped a lot!

  • I noticed - it’s really quiet… Same here for us. I know we’re small anyway but this update with iOS and android being updated at different rates, it’s a nightmare…

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  • @Nathan I think you should purge this topic.

  • @Nick_616 ya this topic is really old.

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  • Yeah And Its Usless too

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    There was no need to comment @Nick_616, if it was too old.

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  • It doesn’t need to be purged. It needs to be locked. Please lock then. :)

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    Yesss thank you I really needed that update!!!

    Why can’t staff learn to lock?

    Please take this as a joke.

    Server is the port is. 35590

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  • @SirSlayer0102 I felt like doing it xD
    Jk but too late now

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