Signature Restrictions

  • Developer

    Hello, I’ve noticed an increasing amount of signature issues and so I have decided to place down some restrictions on them. If your signature is not within these guidelines then a LEET Admin may edit or clear your signature entirely.

    1. You may only have 1 gif/animated banner
    2. You may only have a max of 2 banners (If they are both small)
    3. Banners that are about ~2 inches tall or larger are not allowed.
    4. You may have full width banners, But they can not be super tall.
    5. You may NOT advertise non-leet servers via signature
    6. You may NOT advertise non-leet hosting services via signature
    7. You may NOT have inappropriate text in your signature.
    8. You may NOT have inappropriate images in your signature.
    9. You may NOT use a large amount of bold text in your signature.
    10. You may NOT place tags such as “LEET Member”, “LEET Volunteer” or “LEET Wannabe Helper” etc
    11. You may NOT put a insane amount of text to make the signature large.
    12. You may NOT place external links in signatures except vote websites.

    That is all for now, This restriction list may change or be updated due to newly discovered issues with signatures at any time.

    LEET Management
    LEET Development Team


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