Faction Help and commands

  • Commands

    /f about - view plugin information
    /f accept - accept an invite
    /f claim - claim a plot of land (two snow blocks will mark out the corners)
    /f create - create a faction
    /f del - delete your faction (if you are the leader)
    /f demote <player> - demote a player from Officer to Member
    /f deny - decline an invite
    /f home - go to your Faction’s home
    /f help - display all FactionsPro commands
    /f info - display your Faction’s info and MOTD
    /f info <faction> - display another Faction’s info and MOTD
    /f invite <player> - invite a player
    /f kick <player> - remove someone from the faction
    /f leader <player> - give your leadership to someone else
    /f leave - leave a faction you are currently in
    /f motd - set the message of the day for your faction
    /f promote <player> - promote a player to Officer rank
    /f sethome - set your Faction’s home point
    /f unclaim - unclaim your plot
    /f unsethome unset your Faction’s home

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    Cool tutorial :)

  • Nice Tutorial :D

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    /f kick and /f leader are removed from leet ^-^

    I am the most bantering lad in the leet forums


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