Economy2 - How do I use it?

  • /balance

    /balance - economy2.command.balance

    Shows your balance.

    /balance [player] - economy2.command.balance

    Shows [player]'s balance.


    /topmoney - economy2.command.topmoney

    Shows you the top X (configurable) richest players on the server.


    /givemoney [player] [amount] - economy2.command.givemoney

    Gives [player] [amount] of money that is added to his/her balance.


    /pay [player] [amount] -

    Pays [player] the specified [amount], reducing your own balance in the process.


    /setmoney [player] [balance] - economy2.command.setmoney

    Sets [player]’s balance to the specified [balance].


    /takemoney [player] [amount] - economy2.command.takemoney

    Takes the specified [amount] of money from the specified [player]’s balance.

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