i have a servival world and pvp

  • can some one tell me how to add my server



  • @waumiller17 Hello! Can you please elaborate with your issue? What’s happening? What have you done to fix your issue?


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  • @waumiller17 if your talking about adding servers to your server list, then the way to do it is by clicking on Friends on upper right side, then click on a small picture which I don’t know what that called but it next to “Add Friends.” After that, when you see it say server Name, IP address and port, then type the Ip and port and you can decide the server Name. Then click saved, then it should work.

    But, if you wasn’t talking about that, but talking about adding the second server or create a server, I think you will have to use leet app to do that. Just saying :/

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    For the topic, as we have discussed in PM, @waumiller17, you can create a topic for your server in the “Community Servers / (Type)” category. Depending on what type your server is, you would post it in different places. Make one topic per server and give as many info about that server as possible. Including images of your server’s builds would make it look more attractive. That is by far, how I would create a topic for my server. You can also look at others’ topics, see how they write and learn from them. Anyhow, I will let you be creative with it.

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