• Feature/Suggestion Name: Realism | Diseases

    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): Plugin

    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): 999c

    Possible Uses: Could add more realism to roleplays, could give advantages in battle, and couls give disadvantages to the player who has that disease

    Description (At least 5 Sentences): With this plugin, it’ll add diseases and such onto your server! And you can cure these diseases with a item you can give to players, or sell to them! Their diseases go away when they die or take the potion

    Commands (If Applicable): Missing Information

    Permission Nodes (If Applicable): Missing Information

    Why You Want It Added: I feel like a plugin like this would add realism to roleplays, and also make battles, gameplay, and such more interesting

    Other Information: The common cold makes you slower and gives you hunger

    allergy will make you allergic to some random animal (for example: a ocelot) and when you get close to it, you get slower

    The altitude sickness will make you slower when you go into high places and will also give you nausea and give you hunger

    And more! Plus, the other player will get an advantage in battle if the other player has a disease of some sort. Not only that, but it would make for a interesting survival mode

    You can catch these diseases at random points in time, and you can get rid of it after some time passes, or you take a potion!

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