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  • Feature/Suggestion Name: LEET World Gamemodes
    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): Plugin
    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): 1200 credits
    Possible Uses: Creative Plots or just using it as an adventure map
    Description (At least 5 Sentences): Ever wanted control of your maps as they aren’t always the way you pictured well now you can! Now with LEET World Gamemodes take control of your worlds and set gamemodes in specific world the way you want.Use this to protect your spawn like it was always meant to be! No more of the complaining that I can’t do this and do that well know you can and for a price of 1200 credits it can be yours.Always hated having plots with gms now there is no longer no need with LEET World Gamemodes!
    Commands (If Applicable): /worldgm set <world> <id of gamemode>
    Permission Nodes (If Applicable): world.gamemode
    Why You Want It Added: I want this added just like many people to incorporate plots and have people be in gmc but no way to harm the actual server.
    Other Information: This will help many server owners by not having this convenience but seeing your players talents which could gain them a staff position!

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