Pixel Swords FNAF

  • Hello leet users, it’s me Star, and I have a new server! It’s a roleplay city server with a fnaf theme, soon it will have a huge city and pvp games, you can play with your friends and roleplay with everyone! Please join, and make the dream happen!
    Pixel Swords FNAF
    Ip a52967.leet.cc
    Port 52967

    Also try our factions server and our freebuild server as well!

    Pixel Swords Freebuild
    Ip a64070.leet.cc
    Port 64070

    Pixel Swords Factions
    Ip a60756.leet.cc
    Port 60756

  • Staff

    Hey there,

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to check out your server!

    LEET Customer Representative
    Don't hesitate asking me for help!

    Join FuzionCraft:


  • @stargaming123 cool! I will join later :)

    I am staying minecraft PE since I feel like I am still in need to help owners with their server, so I am stayin to help support the owners and their staff members on their servers, including leet forum users and staff members…

    ‘Discord User: Z_Sword123456#8724’


  • @stargaming123 my nickname is ~STAR

    STARcraft ENKYT NL
    Owner and PRODeveloper (~STAR) IP: starcraftenkyt.creative.pe Port: 60777
    💪🇳🇱🔐 (Dutch MCPE server) (Since 2014) (The Best Pro Dutch server)



  • @stargaming123
    Ima join now

    Those who build small stand tall

    Follow me on twitter @zMutant300


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