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  • Feature/Suggestion Name:
    LEET Tutorials

    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc):
    New Site or added into the leet app

    Cost In Credits (If Applicable):

    Possible Uses:
    The possible use for this addition to leet would be the ability for knowledge which was never opened to new LEET players before.

    Could help out new leet members by informing them how to use plugins or even use the app

    Description (At least 5 Sentences):
    Ever wanted to know how to use a plugin well now you can with a simple search of a site or a simple tap of a button you will have access to all the plugin tutorials!Learn more and more about the plugins you bought and show how great you can make your server.Not only will this be worth it for LEET but it will help players learn the plugins and have a more of a higher chance for more popular servers which is what we all love.Knowing how to use plugins people will invent create and design as they have done already but now that there is millions of people using leet players can exceed the limits which they didn’t have any ability to do so before.Not only will this be big this will also help clear up some questions for ex many people ask how do I do this or do that well with leet tutorials search for the plugin then you will have your answer its simple! Also ik what your thinking don’t we have tutorials on LEET forums well yes but its only 1% of LEET and its not easily accessible.If this shall be added ty cake.

    Commands (If Applicable):

    Permission Nodes (If Applicable):

    Why You Want It Added:
    I want this added due to a problem everyone has they don’t know how to use plugins now with leet tutorials this is no longer a problem!

    Other Information:

    With leet tutorials you can access it as its a different website so if the forums goes down you still have access to tutorials :3

    Ty For Reading.

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