Canada150 Gifts

  • Feature/Suggestion Name: Canada150

    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): Andriod and IOS in LEET v2 App

    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): Free 1000 Credits, one free plugin, and one free domains

    Possible Uses: Used for keeping the server online

    Description (At least 5 Sentences):
    I’d like to suggest giving to all Canadians who lives ONLY in Canada on July 1st in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary a free stuff listed here:

    • 1000 worth of credits
    • one free plugin
    • one free domain

    Commands (If Applicable): No Commands

    Permission Nodes (If Applicable): No permissions

    Why You Want It Added: I’m only suggesting this to celebrate Canada 150th years anniversary to show all Canadians one way to appreciate LEET’s gift.

    Other Information:

    To ensure to send those list of gifts to all Canadians in Canada, update LEET app by changing credits to 1000 credits, one free domains, and one free plugins only in Canada

    Or Alternate methods
    To make sure that the person verifies that he/she is Canadian, by the following:

    • Birth Certificate in your province (Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, etc…)
    • Valid Driver License that shows Government of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, etc… (If you have it)

    Best Regards,

    》Founder of AcTiveCraft -
    》SurvivalTimePE - Administrator
    》KawaiiDreams - Developer
    》GenetiCraft - Moderator
    》GreenCountry - Intern

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding these information, please contact me via PM on LEET or Twitter!


  • Developer

    Suggestion denied, But happy 150th anniversary.

    LEET Management
    LEET Development Team


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