Putting Links To Forums in Tutorials

  • Feature/Suggestion Name: Putting Links to LEET Forums in Tutorials

    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): App

    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): None

    Possible Uses: Could bring a lot more activity to the Forums

    Description (At least 5 Sentences): Putting the Links Back into the Plugin Tutorials in the app could bring a lot more activity to LEET Forums, and it could also provide some help to users to get more information on a plugin, also it would show more people that LEET Forums exist. For example: people would see the Forum link and click on it, introducing more people to Forums, while getting help at the same time. As well as getting help, if players didn’t know what or how to use a plugin, they would see think link provided as help. Also, It would show people the LEET Forums exist because of the given link in the app. People have been talking about the Forums being a lot less active, and this would be a helpful way to solve that problem.

    Commands (If Applicable): None

    Permission Nodes (If Applicable): None

    Why You Want It Added: It could help solve the inactivity on the Forums

    Other Information: People don’t know all of the features of many Plugins, mainly because in the descriptions in the App it doesn’t explain everything, so I thought this would help. Also, after V2 came out, I noticed that when people joined they didn’t do anything on Forums

    Credit to @cookie_killer for giving me this idea! :D

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