multi command + security + extra server control panel suggestion

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    Feature/Suggestion Name: server defender
    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): plugin
    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): 2999
    backups.txt = free
    Possible Uses: to defend the server in a more advanced way
    Description (At least 5 Sentences): this plugin will be used to defend the server. it has many options like backups.txt for different things.
    Commands (If Applicable):
    backup.txt: this will be used to reop the op that was deoped by attackers. here is how it will work. there will be a option in the app (almost like the server owner option obsidian suggested a long time ago. only this one is from planB.) in the app there will be a option called backups.txt when server owners go to backups.txt they will see a option to add a username. when they add it. when a op is deoped in game they will be reoped if in backups.txt in the app it will also have a option to remove the user. if removed it will stay deopped.
    Permission Nodes (If Applicable):
    Why You Want It Added: because this will help defend the server in a far more advanced way.
    Other Information: more information is below

    the thing above will be in a file called server security

    this next suggestion will be a different interface
    suggestion name: interface
    design: the interface should be able to be downloaded from and should be made in java. we should also be able to pick how we want it to look. like we can take pictures and put them there or we can put ones provided by leet by default.
    functionality: instead of selecting the parts of the app from the bottem of the app like v2. leet should be able to change it and put it on the top and have a back button or make backspace go to the last part the user was on.
    features: this will have more features then the normal v2 app. in the plguins section in every category we will have a option to search for plugins. in the server status we should be able to see what players are online what rank and if they are op. we should also have a feature where we could see players type in chat in server status section of v2. along if they have op ranks and username. in the chat section we should also be able to do commands and pretend we are a different player even if we’re not.

    the suggestion above will be in a form of a application on PC

    suggestion name: BanIfBreak
    description: this plugin will ban username and ip ban if they break a certain area.
    commands: /ban 1
    description: gets the first position
    /ban 2
    description: sets position
    /ban final <name>
    description: protects a place
    /ban destroy <name>
    description: stops protection for a protected area

    the file above would be BanIfBreak

    description: a collection of fun things to do in the server

    TreeCapitator - axe that destroys trees quickly
    CompassTP - Teleporting compass
    Trampoline - Jump and down blocks
    CloakClock - Clock that gives Invisibility
    PowerTool - pickax that destroys blocks instantly
    Floating Torch - Floating torch that follows you around
    Magic Carpet - Fly with a carpet made of glass

    above will be the file named ToyBox

    TrollPlus by LDX

    Troll all the players! TrollPlus lets you do almost anything, like faking OP, and freezing players solid. It is the best trolling plugin available for PocketMine, and it’s getting better, constantly!

    /t f <player> [off]
    Freezes the specified player.
    /t h <message>
    Broadcasts a message as Herobrine.
    /t g <message>
    Broadcasts a message as God.
    /t m <player> <message>
    Broadcasts a message as the specified player.
    /t v <player>
    Teleports the specified player into the void.
    /t o <player>
    Says “You are now op.” to the specified player.
    /t d <player>
    Says “You are no longer op.” to the specified player.
    /t r <message>
    Broadcasts a raw, senderless message.
    /t b <player>
    Spawns a fake diamond block at the player’s feet and drops nothing when broken.


    Troll the players, punish the evils…? :eek::p

    /troll <player> explode [power]
    /troll <player> explode
    /troll <player> trap
    /troll <player> death
    /troll <player> lowHP
    /troll <player> terror
    /troll <player> burn
    /troll <player> burn [damage]
    /troll <player> cobwebs
    /troll <player> dropInven

    /judge …(Same commands as /troll)

    Outdated NetherQuick 2.3
    Go to a Nether world when a certain block is tapped!
    Overview Updates (3) Reviews (3) Version History Thread
    For PocketMine-MP:
    This plugin was originaly made by 500ISE and I have taken up development of it! This plugin teleports you to a Nether world when a certain block (nether reactor by default) is tapped! You can customize the block in the config file! Enjoy!

    @wies did a ton on this too!

    Banned for ban evasion and alternate accounts ~MrCakeSlayer


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