Deathmatch team plugin suggestion.

  • Hello LEET Community!

    I want to suggest addition to Death match plugin.

    Feature/Suggestion Name:
    Team deathmatch

    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc):
    Addition to an existing plugin.
    Cost In Credits (If Applicable):
    Free (If it can be)

    With this add-on to existing plugin (Deathmatch) you will be able to play deathmatch in teams with other players. It can also be useful when a person does PvP they will be in different team, for example Red v Blue, the person in same team can’t hit the team member. Instead of original deathmatch command it’ll be team, it’ll help people to also play in teams in addition to PvP and FFA. This will be a great feature to reform deathmatch plugin, I hope it gets added.

    Commands (If Applicable):

    • /dm create [name] [spawns] [teams] [maxTime] - For example: /dm create teampvp 2 2 4. After that it’ll ask you “please enter team names in chat” like Red Blue, then it’ll ask to tap the spawn points for deathmatch.

    • /dm delete [name] - Deletes a deathmatch arena

    • /dm list - Displays all the loaded arenas in your server

    • /dm setkit [name] - set the kit to the arena

    • /join [name] [team] - Join a requested and loaded arena and team of your choice, if you do /join [name] it’ll add you in random team on the loaded arena.

    Permission Nodes (If Applicable):

    • dm.join
    • dm

    Why You Want It Added:
    It’ll make deathmatch plugin more fun and better.

    Other Information:
    It’ll make it better, and players can even use custom maps from LEET app like pvp_arena2 to create team deathmatch. It’ll make that plugin better.

  • Developer

    Cool suggestion, I’ll discuss it with @Spajker

    LEET Management
    LEET Development Team


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