Custom Staff Groups Addition to Staff Plugin

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    Greetings fellow LEET Community!

    Today I am going to be suggesting a very helpful addition to the Staff Plugin: adding your own Staff groups!

    Feature/Suggestion Name:
    Custom Staff Groups Addition to Staff Plugin

    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc):
    Addition to an existing plugin

    Cost In Credits (If Applicable):

    Possible Uses:
    You can add custom groups to Staff plugin.

    Description (At least 5 Sentences):
    With this feature you will be able to add custom staff groups to the Staff Plugin. For example, say you have a Contributor group for those that donated to your server. If you want users to be able to see the members of this group, they can just do /staff Contributor and it will display the players in that group…This will definitely be a great feature to have. Hope it gets added.

    Commands (If Applicable):
    /staff create <group name> - will make a new Staff group
    /staff add <user> <group> - will add users to a Staff group
    /staff <group> - will list users in that Staff group
    /staff del <group name> - will delete a Staff group
    /staff remove <user> <group> - will remove a user from a Staff group

    Permission Nodes (If Applicable):
    create.staff - allows user(s) to create a Staff group
    add.staff - allows user(s) to add staff to a Staff group
    delete.staff - allows user(s) to delete a Staff group
    remove.staff - allows user(s) to remove staff from the Staff group

    Why You Want It Added:
    It’s a great feature that will make the Staff Plugin better.

    Other Information:
    Please add this feature to the Staff plugin. It will definitely make the plugin better.


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    Cool suggestion, Probably will implement this.

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