Effect Area

  • Feature/Suggestion Name: Effect Area

    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): Plugin

    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): 1000-2000 credits

    Possible Uses: This could be used in a lot of minigames

    Description (At least 5 Sentences): This plugin sets an area that you can set so that when players walk into it, you can have a certain effect. It would have the same format as /area, only with effect IDs. Players would be able to have any effect without running any commands, it would be automatic. People would have the benefit of having certain effect(s) when they walk into the setted area. The amount of time to have the effect(s) would be infinite. This would make a lot of PvP games more fun.

    Commands (If Applicable):
    /effarea : shows the usage of this command
    /effarea create [area name] : creates an effect area
    /effarea toggle [area name] [effect ID] : toggles what effects will be in a specific area
    /effarea tp [area name] : teleports to an area
    /effarea destroy [area name] : deletes/removes a specific area
    /effarea list : lists all the effect areas created

    Permission Nodes (If Applicable):

    • effarea
    • effarea.create
    • effarea.toggle
    • effarea.tp
    • effarea.destory
    • effarea.list

    Why You Want It Added: I feel like this would be a cool addition for mini game servers, it would make PvP a lot more fun; and a lot more challenging ;)

    Other Information: No other information needed

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