• Feature/Suggestion Name: Shoutbox

    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): Forum

    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): Free

    Possible Uses: Have a public chat on the forum and have less spammy threads that are an open chat!

    Description (At least 5 Sentences): With the forum shoutbox, you can talk publicly to anyone on this shoutbox! PMs / DMs have are limited to adding only around 3 - 4 people, but with the shoutbix, everybody is in it!

    Commands (If Applicable): NA

    Permission Nodes (If Applicable): NA

    Why You Want It Added: I feel like adding a shoutbox would have you have people to talk to, and share your opinions with! Plus, to somebody who could be new to the forum, they could also ask for help there, and i have seen threads on the off-topic category that are nothing but a topic to talk aboit anything you like, so adding this shoutbox would help reduce some of the spam!

    Other Information: I’m not sure if adding a link to another forum is against the TOS (if it is, feel free to remove this other information section and make it blank), but here is an example of a forum that did shoutbox right:

    YouTube: Vanderley5974X
    Vote VanTay:
    Vote Yandere Roleplay:
    VanTay IP:
    Yandere Roleplay IP:



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