selling a plugin

  • Banned

    Feature/Suggestion Name: selling a plugin
    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): app
    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): 0
    Possible Uses: to get more plugins in leet
    Description (At least 5 Sentences):
    this will let people sell there plugins to leet. they will get at least 50% or 75% of the money.

    they also pick the price depending on features etc. people would want to make moeny so they would sell it. people buy the useful plugins first.

    so a lot of people would buy these plugins. they will also put more effort on those plugins.

    people will put more effort because if it is a useful plugin people will pay money for it more and it will give them and leet more money.

    people would also use leet more if they have the plugins they want.

    people would also donate more to bigger servers so leet would also be getting more money.

    like the minecraft market update for windows 10 and pocket edition a lot of people are already applying for it.

    this could also help leet get more plugins faster.

    people would be putting more effort to make more advanced plugins and plugins that take a long time for more money.

    the extra plugin developers would only get money off of the plugins they made with 50% or 75% of it.

    they might also have minigame plugins being worked on so more donations to bigger servers making leet get more money.

    this could help because if the bigger servers have minigames and fun things people would be donating almost all the time and leet would get more money from there
    Commands (If Applicable): 0
    Permission Nodes (If Applicable): 0
    Why You Want It Added: to help bring more plugins to leet
    Other Information: 50% or 75% of the money they will get.

    Banned for ban evasion and alternate accounts ~MrCakeSlayer


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