Toggle Home Addition to LandProtection

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    Feature/Suggestion Name: Toggle Home Addition to LandProtection.
    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): Plugin.
    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): Same price as LandProtection, maybe addition of 50-100 credits.
    Possible Uses: Toggles the use of /sethome in the area.
    Description (At least 5 Sentences): We all know that to prevent those dastardly cheaters from setting homes in minigames and parkour we have to do some annoying /actions, and /setuperm and /unsetuperm commands, and it can get really messy (losing the ability to do /sethome on the whole server instead of just the minigame is an example). My suggestion is to add a new option to toggle, and that option would be home. You would do /area toggle (area name) home to toggle it on and off. This would automatically prevent the use of /sethome and /home in that area, instead of having to mess with the perms constantly, it would be quicker and efficient and really useful!
    Commands (If Applicable): /area toggle home on/off
    Permission Nodes (If Applicable): Normal LandProtection perms.
    Why You Want It Added: Would be very helpful for those who want to make minigames, and will help those who /sethome for checkpoints, or at the reward.
    Other Information: You could add /f sethome to that as well.

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    Good suggestion, Ill pass it along to spajk

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