RPG plugin

  • Banned

    Feature/Suggestion Name: RPG plugin
    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc): plugin
    Cost In Credits (If Applicable): 3999-4999
    Possible Uses: to play minigames on the server
    Description (At least 5 Sentences): this plugin can add a extra minigame. this minigame will also get players to join servers more. this might also have a way to create another minigame. another one without a different minigame plugin. i might be wrong.
    Commands (If Applicable): /create shop description: creates a villager. when touched a chest inventory opens. the player can buy items with a different kind of money system with coins.
    item cost and functions:
    cost: 20
    amount: 5
    heals 5 hearts
    cost: 5
    heals 1 heart
    gameplay: like any RPG game. players will need to take turns when fighting. the players will be at least 5 blocks away from each other. they will use attacks they get by fighting other players. there will also be a system where you need enough power to use a attack. if you run out of it you can’t use it.
    damage: 2
    amount: 2
    item needed to use: torch
    particle: fire
    description: does not burn the player only attacks the player
    damage: 3
    effects last for 2 turns
    amount: 5
    item needed to use: redstone torch
    particle: smoke
    description: makes it so that the player can’t see and they have a 50% chance of missing when using food or attacking
    damage: 2
    amount: 7
    item needed to use: ice
    effect lasts for 2 turns
    particle: snowballpoof
    description: slows them down causes them to have a 50% chance of missing a attack
    firework rocket (not the actual item)
    damage: 5
    amount 5
    particle: flame
    item needed to use: redstone
    description: uses a fireworks rocket to attack
    portal attack
    damage: 7
    amount: 5
    particle: portal
    description: uses nether portal particles in it
    Permission Nodes (If Applicable):
    Why You Want It Added: for servers to have a minigame plugin and it will make leet better
    Other Information: for players to fight they need to do a command:
    /fight <player>
    description: it will tell the other player they want to fight
    /fight accept
    description: accepts the fight and gets teleported to a random part of the world where they fight

    Banned for ban evasion and alternate accounts ~MrCakeSlayer


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