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  • PvPG isnt just only a faction server, it has a variety of minigames. The awesome games in our server are: HOT GAMES: Factions, Prison, Plots | Other Games: 1v1, Parkour, SkyKnock, Mazes! JOIN NOW AND DONATE!
    Minigames Coming Soon: Factions: Needing Land Protect Plugin, Prison: Needing MineReset Plugin, Plots: Needing Plots Plugin, 1v1: Needing Match Plugin!
    —> j42741.pocket.pe | 42741 <—

  • Hope You Guys Donate! 030

  • I can’t donate but I can make a video of the server telling people to donate

    YouTube: Thegamimgwizard14
    Instagram: thegamingwizard_14

    Happy to help whenever I can :)


  • @DatKewlGuy Sounds Awesome! Good luck! :+1: Perhaps add some images to make convince the viewers to join.


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  • @DatKewlGuy said in -> PVPG- Factions & More! Server <- Donate Please!:

    Hope You Guys Donate! 030

    Credits ATM?

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