[MUST READ] Suggestion Topic Guidelines

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    Hello, Due to this category being completely ignored, There has been a change in process for this category.

    In order to use this category, you will need to follow the guidelines and format shown at the bottom of this thread. Note that other users will not be able to comment on your thread nor will you be able to post on it, The point of this new system is for you to outline a new suggestion or idea and provide a lot of details and information about it in one post. If you fail to follow the guidelines and format or do not provide enough information, Your suggestion will be denied and placed in the “Locked” category.


    • You MUST only place information related to your idea in the topic.
    • You MUST use an appropriate and descriptive title.
    • You MUST use the format listed at the bottom of this thread.
    • you may only post one idea per topic unless they are closely related.
    • You may only make ONE topic for your idea (So NOT make another topic if your idea is denied)
    • Make sure there is not another topic that has the same idea as yours.


    Feature/Suggestion Name:
    Platform (Forums, App, Plugin, etc):
    Cost In Credits (If Applicable):
    Possible Uses:
    Description (At least 5 Sentences):
    Commands (If Applicable):
    Permission Nodes (If Applicable):
    Why You Want It Added:
    Other Information:

    Support A Suggestion:
    Like an idea and want it to be added? Support the suggestion by up voting the post, Management/developers will check the up votes when reviewing a suggestion!

    LEET Management
    LEET Development Team


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