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    Well, sure a lot of time has passed since I created my server… but haven’t I advertised it here yet. Sooo
    Ip: zerocraft.leet.cc
    Port: 18467

    If you have time feel free to drop in and have fun most of all;) :+1:
    You can support by advertising or even playing daily!

    Need more help?⬇⬇
    There is no such thing as failure
    You don't lose until you give up
    Join my server if you like😉✌


  • @ItsMeSpyross nice I will join later :)

    I am staying minecraft PE since I feel like I am still in need to help owners with their server, so I am stayin to help support the owners and their staff members on their servers, including leet forum users and staff members…

    ‘Discord User: Z_Sword123456#8724’


  • @ItsMeSpyross
    Cool I’ll join later 😊

    Server owner of FRIENDS!!


  • @ItsMeSpyross Added to my join list! Good luck!


    GoblinBuilders Manager | GenetiCraft CEO


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