Leet.cc Developer Application

  • First name: Ajay
    What country do you live in: United States
    What is your native language: English
    What other languages do you speak: None, however learning Spanish.
    Why do you want develop for LEET: I’ve known Leet.cc hosting since December of 2015 and it has grown quite a bit and I’m interested in being apart of future development to help create a better hosting solution. I know Leet.cc server owners are always wanting more plugins and I would like to help fulfill their requests if I can.

    Previous development experience: I’ve developed multiple websites in my past and am better at the server side (PHP) coding than the front end. I’ve lately been learning more and more about the PocketMine API and have been developing for few servers(Not leet.cc) and my own.

    How long have you been using LEET: I can’t remember the exact date but it was somewhere in December of 2015.
    What is your experience with LEET: I’ve owned a Leet server before however I got to a point where I rather not manage it and so I let someone else work on it. I’ve as well been a beta tester for leet.cc and have coded a plugin for the company that has passed the beta testing.
    Which parts of the PocketMine API are you familiar with: I’m familiar with commands, events, teleportation, configurations, overriding things such as joinMessage, quitMessage and pre-processing commands, level particles and sounds, sending packets to the client, working with PluginTasks; I do continue to learn more about the API.
    What kind of plugins have you made: I’ve made a core plugin for a server that changes the join message, quit message, blocks tnt placement, gives builders the ability to set a public build location that any builder can teleport to, Survival Games, a currently private gamemode that I can speak about privately to the reviewer, and another plugin that allows Mods to warn users using a command until the user has been warned enough times to be banned.
    Are you okay with using Slack: Yes
    Real age*: I will send this privately.
    How would you improve LEET: I think I could improve Leet by helping code plugins and more features for servers that’ll make server owners enjoy Leet a lot more and recommend the service to their friends and will help make their server feel more unique from other servers.

    Link to source code of previous work: Put together this simple plugin
    Most of my work is not public, I’d be fine with sending source of my private projects to the application reviewer.

    Other things you’d like to mention: I’m fluent in PHP and can write clean code. I have respect in my position when working at a company/service. I’m fine with working with other developers, and I’m great with people.

    Developer | Writer | Lifeboat Moderator
    Twitter: @BouncyJeffer


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