-=]XxCHAOSxX[=- MiniGames

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    Chaos MiniGames is an addictive server that was created in the 6th of February during 2017 on Monday at 10:17 GMT+0

    In Chaos you can have fun by playing lots of MiniGames. Such as:


    Plots are pieces of land where you can build Anything you want while you are in Creative Mode or in Survival Mode (Your choice)
    Your Plot extends from the bedrock to the sky, release your imagination, impress your friends :)

    -=]More to come…[=-

    Please Notice: the server still needs lots of work
    More MiniGames will be added soon.

    Server IPs:


    (You can use any of them to connect)

    Server Port:


    To stay in touch with the latest announcements and events go to the server website
    (The website is still in beta)

    This server is a part of the main server

    My Server-My TP-1808 Missing players



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    @Ammarking I’ll be sure to check it out once it’s fully finish! Good luck 🍀

    #AmFromPluto #Plutocian

    InGameName: Nummy

    Support: https://leethelp.desk.com/



  • Lol should probably advertise it when it’s done, don’t you think? There are only plots from what I understand

  • Why do you have 100 slots on all of your servers isnt it expensive???

    server is ALIVE

    Cookies 4 da win!!!


  • @Ammarking use 20 slots :)

    Can Chickens be a vex?

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    Yamburgers or Turkey Burgers?

    You are a head person

    -Added some more covfefe - 1.12 pre7

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  • @Ammarking Good luck with your server! Your server website isn’t working, by the way.


    GoblinBuilders Manager | GenetiCraft CEO


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    @HippiePlays Thank you

    @Nick_616 maybe, but plots can be played for now…i will post a reply here when i add more minigames

    @cookie_killer @MCPEChicken_ I’m just testing something, i will put it back to 20 when done.

    @Arthix Thank you
    Yes i know that it’s not working, thanks for letting me know
    Keny is trying to fix it.

    My Server-My TP-1808 Missing players



  • @Ammarking Alright, let me know whej its done, or in advanced level

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