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  • I recommend this server! Great staff, mini-games and more :)

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    Message me if you are in need of help, I'll be more than glad to help! 😊

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    @FrostAuraWolf Sounds fun! Added to join list. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

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  • @FrostAuraWolf Great server! Good luck with life!



  • @FrostAuraWolf I got on it’s not a bad server but if you are alone it can get quite boring

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    @FrostAuraWolf Good luck! Will join later.

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    Added to my join list.

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  • @FrostAuraWolf Sounds Awesome! Good luck!


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  • @FrostAuraWolf said in Check out this server!:

    Hello everyone, sorry to take up your time with this post, but I’m here to promote a server I happen to work with! ParadiseCraft!

    Here at Paradise, you’ll find some mini games you’ll see on other minecraft servers, but we also have some exclusives! Such as:

    • 2vs2
    • Death Run
    • Death Quiz
    • Micro Battles
    • And more!
      The staff is awesome and will help out a player in any situation!
      If you’d like to join, the IP is:
      The port is: 25023

    Thank you for reading through, have a nice day! :smile:

    • Frost

    Yay, I hope you’ll make a post about the server we’ll be working on this weekend too :)

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  • I’ll check it out later today, Sounds pretty nice

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