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    LEET Terms Of Service

    NOTICE: Failure to read the entire ToS will not save you from punishments regarding the rule you broke…

    When signing up to the LEET Community Forums (later mentioned as “our forum”, “the forum”) or when reading this message you agree with these terms of use (ToS) and you will respect these terms of use at any cost. If you don’t agree with these terms of use, you can request the deletion your account. Disrespecting one or more of these terms of use and conditions will lead into your account on our forum being banned, deleted or any other punishment we deem necessary. The LEET.CC Staff and the forum’s administrators have full rights to ban and delete accounts who are not respecting these terms of use and conditions.

    Quick Glance Rules

    • You MUST follow any category specific rules. (This will be pinned in the given category if applied)
    • Do NOT use inappropriate language, images or links on our forums. This includes profile pictures, threads, posts, signatures and banners. (This also includes using ’ * ’ or other letters/words/symbols/acronyms to bypass this rule, For example f**k)
    • LEET is an American based company and the majority of our forum contains English speakers, So please try to avoid using other languages in posts.
    • Do NOT ask for reputation/up votes, Earn it. (This includes asking on the profile, signature or in threads/posts, and PMs)
    • You MUST follow the color text thread rules pinned in the General Discussion category.
    • Do NOT create games to try and bypass the above rule or any other rule.
    • Do NOT use [15 characters] or similar to bypass our post rules.
    • Do NOT discuss or mention drugs, alcohol, or anything related to such topics.
    • Do NOT harass staff or other users on the forum.
    • Do NOT ask/tell other users to break the rules or imply that they break them.
    • Do NOT bump old threads without a valid reason to do so.
    • Do NOT create spam of useless posts
    • Do NOT advertise other hosting companies
    • Do NOT advertise any non-leet services/companies
    • Do NOT sell or giveaway your forum account, It will be banned with no appeal.
    • Do NOT use any sort of non-leet currency, This includes but is not limited to paypal and google wallet.
    • Do NOT try to act like or impersonate staff members.
    • Do NOT ask for your staff application to be reviewed, This will lead to it being denied.
    • Do NOT attempt to ban evade, This will lead to an IP ban.
    • Do NOT impersonate other users
    • Do NOT create obvious click bait posts, This can be annoying for users trying to find valid and correct content.
    • Do NOT discuss exploits, hacks, bypasses or related topics
    • Do NOT post exe files, links to exe files or similar files that could be malicious on the forums unless approved by a staff member.
    • Do NOT create unnecessary drama on the forums, If you have an issue, Handle it in a PM or contact a staff member.
    • Do NOT sell your servers or give away your login credentials, Staff will never ask for these, If you do, We do NOT have to provide support regarding that issue.
    • Do NOT post or ask for personal information, This includes but is not limited to addresses, IPs, or real names.
    • Do NOT create multiple forum accounts without permission from management.
    • Do NOT try and tell people what to do, If you think they are doing something wrong, Flag the post or tell our staff.


    NOTICE: This is not every punishment and may vary depending on situations, Final punishment is determined by our staff.

    • A warning via private messages or directly in a post
    • Thread being locked
    • Thread/post being deleted/removed
    • Thread/post being edited
    • Signature being removed or edited
    • Profile being deleted, banned, or edited

    Extra Notice

    • Management level staff may also modify or remove threads, post, signatures, etc if they deem necessary even if the content is not specifically breaking a current rule. They may also ban or delete accounts if they deem necessary.
    • The TOS and forum rules may be modified at anytime without prior notice.
    • Bans are permanent but may be appealed by a management level staff member.
    • Bans will have a minimum of a month before a ban appeal will even be considered.

    LEET Management
    LEET Development Team


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