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    Well today is 1st of February, 2017 which was our release date. Well luckily we have opened! GenetiCraft has changed since the last two months which is better than ever. We have done a few implementations to GenetiCraft that wasn’t seen before in our past servers. We are very happy to have people helping us with the server to offer you the best experience! This is your chance everyone! Hop on the server and join us today at IP: Port: 44999 which we provide more than 50 ranks. This server is the server you are looking for!

    GenetiCraft Changelog

    • A modern college to play with your friends.
    • A library with an exterior and interior reading areas
    • Dunkin Donuts
    • Hotel with a lobby
    • 50+ ranks to choose from
    • GenetiCraft Daycare
    • Server Website :
    • Server Forums : (Under maintenance)
    • McDonalds
    • Police Station
    • Buycraft website :
    • /helpop command
    • Cool Staff Tags!
    • /hub command
    • Instagram Page

    Server Information
    Server IP:
    Port: 44999
    Voting Site:
    Join Now!

    What is GenetiCraft?:
    We are a developed server network with capable and efficient staff , we also provide multiple mini-games and a variety of ranks to choose from. We provide you with more than 40 slots so you can play along with all your friends! We give you the best roleplay builds, to satisfy your needs, and have the best server experience!

    Our staff team:
    We provide you with the best team members we could find for our network to provide you the best experience as possible! All our interns are undergoing a two week trial to decide wether or not they should join the staff team! We hire the best of the best.

    Management Team
    Chief Executive Officer - Arthix @geneticraft
    Chief Operating Officer - themineclasher
    President - RoniBalogni
    Chief Technology Officer - dc4code
    Supervisor - BlindIcon_Gaming

    App Developer - dc4code
    Website Developer - @kenygamer
    Forum Developer - @JustinTDR

    Administration Team

    Head Admin - kittymeowface
    Admin - kylegaming16
    Admin - T9chnological
    Admin - BubbyZR
    Admin - Haruko_Dragneel

    Moderation Team -
    Head Moderator - @JustinTDR
    Moderator - xxSirGamesxx @IAmDevBoB
    Moderator - Superfox709
    Moderator - SippingThyme
    Moderator - dodo @HelloMCPE
    Moderator - CrusherPlays_YT @CRUSHERPLAYSMC

    Intern Team -

    Intern - Crazy
    Intern - Orphic
    Intern - ManOfTheJungle @ManoftheJungle
    Intern - Clove @Clove

    Build Team -
    Build Leader - themineclasherX
    Build Manager - @MinorDesert596
    Builder - whxtee
    Builder - @MythicalShadowz
    Builder - @SedateChip

    Available Game-Modes:

    In GenetiCraft we try to offer you the best server experience! So we offer you the following games to enjoy!


    Coming Soon -
    We are everyday looking for ways to improve your entertainment. Our staff team has already been thinking of what we should add next.

    More ranks!
    Much more!


    Be respectful - Respect is fundamental for a community like GenetiCraft, inside MCPE and within the forums, because we are all people, and there is kids in our server, and we must show that we are caring and loving.

    No Spamming - Spamming is prohibited inside GenetiCraft. As we are roleplay it would destroy the players experience, and chatting is something that is required to roleplay.

    No Trolling - We all want to have fun at GenetiCraft, correct? Of course, so don’t attempt to troll as you will be punished immediately.

    No Advertising - We do not tolerate advertising. Why should you advertise in our server if we haven’t on yours? You can go advertise your server on websites, and friends, but not GenetiCraft.

    Don’t bypass chat filter - Bypassing the chat filter is not allowed in GenetiCraft as we try our best to keep the server clear from offensive words. We also have a variety of kids in GenetiCraft, so it’s best to be polite. Therefore, you have no reason to bypass the chat filter what so ever.

    No Inappropriate behavior - GenetiCraft is a Child Friendly Environment, and we want to keep it like that, Inappropriate Buildings or PM’s would be a bad influence for some of the kids online. This includes, racism, cyber-bullying, sexism, etc.

    No hacking - Hacking is not allowed inside our network. We want to keep the server fair for everyone, and it isn’t fun using hacks in our servers. If we catch you using hacks, you will be punished straight away.

    No Scamming - Scamming is prohibited inside GenetiCraft. If you have money and feel like donating or purchasing a rank don’t be fooled by a scammer. If you don’t know how to donate or purchase a rank ask a staff member. If you didn’t get your rank, we will give you the rank if we see you’ve donated.

    No inappropriate user name or skin - This is of course something we have blocked in our network. You have no reason to have a skin or username by these terms, and it’s not appropriate for our community.

    -Frequently Asked Questions:
    How do I apply?
    You can apply here on the forums here . You’ll then want to create a new topic. Before that you will need to be using the correct format which can be found here . Currently we only have Moderator, but will be hiring builders soon. You will then need to copy paste the format to the topic. Then post the topic when finished answering all the questions. Good luck!

    How do I get a custom rank?
    In GenetiCraft, we always look for people who want there own rank. So if you want your custom rank, then purchase the custom rank pack which is located in our buycraft website in the cosmetics category.

    Where and how do I vote?
    You can vote for us by clicking here

    What minigames do we offer?
    We currently only offer roleplay. Although there are many games to come to our server, such as, pvp, prison, and much more!

    How can I donate?
    You can donate either through buycraft or LEET Co-Payments.

    Who is the owner?
    The owner of the server is Arthix. His real name is Arthur Land, and currently works at LEET. He is happy to answer any questions you have regarding to MCPE, Geneticraft, LEET, or anything you can think of :)

    When was the server created?
    The server was introduced on June 15, 2015. The server name was changed officially to GenetiCraft on September 2015.

    How can I become a staff member?
    You can become a staff member by applying here.

    I was banned, what do I do?
    We allow you guys to make a ban-appeal. Therefore, you will have to fill out some questions and we will decide wether or not to unban you from the server. To make a ban-appeal you can make one here.

    How old do I need to be to apply for staff?
    You have to be at least 12 twelve years old to apply for staff. If you are younger than the age required you will be instantly denied with the reason of being under age. Once you are twelve years old, you must ask a staff member to apply again.

    How do we become partnered servers?
    You can become server partners with us by looking at this thread

    I’ve applied for staff and haven’t got a reply, what do I do?

    Everyday we get applications. Our applications team is sometimes busy or in other cases they are reviewing applications which one of them may be yours. The longest period of time would be 7 days without a response. Although if we still haven’t replied within that time we might be testing your patience.

    Where can we build?
    In GenetiCraft we provide plots. Although you will need in-game money to buy these perks. You can either vote to earn money or purchase in-game money in our website.

    How can I build in the city?
    You will be able to build in the city by purchasing the build permission pack which is as low as $4.99

    Why would the server be whitelisted?

    The server could be whitelisted for a variety of reasons. We sometimes might be updating the server with some cool builds and games to come. If that is not the case, we may fixing bugs which have been found in the server so you guys can have a joyful experience at GenetiCraft. We also might be whitelisted if there is any griefing so we would fix it as soon as possible.

    How do I get a locker?
    To get a locker you will need 2 votes. After tell an Admin, and they will take it from there. Although you can purchase a locker here

    If I am applying for builder, how do I post my builds?
    You will need to upload them to after that you will post the links to the album or the images you provided in your application. This is a required step if you want to become a builder for GenetiCraft.

    What does GCU stand for?
    Since the GenetiCraft launch we have decided that it would be best to be unique so if you see GCU on the server it defines ‘GenetiCraft University’.

    Are there free ranks on the server?
    Yes there is indeed free ranks. You will spawn exactly by the college. After, you’ll want to go by the fountain in front of the college. You will then want to look back and there will be a variety of ranks to choose from. If there is a rank that isn’t completely functional report it to us and we will get it fixed as soon as possible.

    Can I have creative mode to build a house?
    No, sorry. You must purchase the build permission pack located in our buycraft website to build your own house in the city. Although if you just want a house built by our team then purchase a house here. Once purchase you can choose any house that is on sale.

    Does the server have a website?
    Yes we do have a website. It is which is fully developed each line of code by kenygamer. If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to create a topic to suggest on what we could improve on.

    How can I become rich quickly in the server?
    You can either purchase $1,000,000 in-game cash in our buycraft website. You can also vote once and get $10,000 in-game cash.

    What ways can I contact a senior staff member?
    Our senior staff are always eager to assist you with anything you need help with. You can contact us with twitter to the account @officialgcraft and you will get a response from a senior staff member. Although, if you don’t have twitter you can send an email to and we will assist you as soon as possible. You can make a thread regarding with the issue, question, or concern you are having and if our Interns and Moderators can’t solve the issue a senior staff member will come and be able to assist you.

    What is the main gamemode of GenetiCraft?
    Our main gamemode is Roleplay. We provide you with offer 50 ranks, and lots of builds you could roleplay in. If you don’t know what Roleplay is and you are new to GenetiCraft, then Roleplay is where you invite your friends and do some crazy acting. With the ranks we offer you can make the scene much more realistic.

    We try to answer all your concerns as soon as possible. As part of our team, our support team respond no longer than 24 hours. This ensures you have the best quality support from our support team. If you don’t get a response under that time, please create a new ticket regarding to your previous ticket hasn’t been answered.

    Join today!
    Port: 44999

    Hope to see you soon at GenetiCraft

    -> The GenetiCraft Administration


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  • For all questions related to staff applications/recruitment, and forums we are currently fixing our server forums due to an error found. Should be up shortly.


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    @GenetiCraft Oh god this is long xD.

    Good luck! I’ll be on soon! :D

    RIP same.

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    Find support at:

    Our Official Site [] <- Check it out… its beast =)
    Our Forums [] <- Help me accomplish my goal of getting 50 USERS!! 50th user gets an awesome rank with different perks in my new modified server!


  • Lol when I applied for GenetiCraft in March 2016, it took me about an hour to write my application xD

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