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  • Hello everyone! This tutorial is focused to the new users of the LEET Forums. I’ve decided to make a guide of your LEET Forums profile, so lets begin.

    Your profile picture

    This is the first impression of you, and most people would view your username and the image you have when posting on the LEET Forums. It can be anything you want, as long as it isn’t a disturbing image. If you want people to know you grab a image that is unique that no one else has on the LEET Forums.

    About me

    Here you will a brief description about you. Although, this isn’t facebook where you post your address, and all your private information. Think of what you like to do, what you like to eat, or any goals you’ve achieved.

    This is what everyone will see after your post. You can put anything you want here, like a joke or anything you want. You could add your banner of your server to your signature too! Although, if you don’t put jokes, and want to look really mature and formal when posting, then you should think of a message, for example, have a good day, sincerely, etc.

    You can post anything you want on the forums, but there are rules. You aren’t allowed to post external hosts, link to your paypal, bad language, and inappropriate pictures and websites. You can also add images to your post if you fee like it. You are only allowed to post every 35 seconds after you’ve posted something. After that time you may post again.


    This is similar to liking or favourite the post. A bookmark allows you to go back to the thread, post at any time. So maybe you can bookmark this post if you forget a feature of your profile :) I bookmark posts that may seem informational or may help me in the future.

    Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any suggested tutorials I should do, reply.



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    @GenetiCraft how do i put a profile pic?

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  • @Danjoe3 You need to use

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  • @Danjoe3 Please read this tutorial to know how to add a profile picture.


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