How to make a good looking thread

  • Greetings!

    Today I will show you how to make a good thread! This is a tactic I use here and for my server, and thought it would be best to share it with the LEET Community!

    Use bold and italics to make your thread attractive
    Well you must consider the following

    • Do not overuse this feature. This would make your thread look like your desperate for something, or you are over reacting.
    • Use bold for special text. This means you shall use it for titles, subtitles, questions, or the main idea of your thread.
    • Using italics is fine. You can use italics for all your thread except it is in bold.

    Use images
    More images the better. You can use them for many things, such as, support topics, tutorials, and server reviews. This could help the reader have an idea of exactly what you are talking about. Also, many people don’t like to read, so keep that into consideration. Although, there must be explanation so some text must be inside the thread.

    Use paragraphs
    This would make your paragraph look nice and neat. Also it would be easier to read as it is not a chunk of text. Your paragraph must be talking about that idea. Once it is no longer that idea, you will want to create a new paragraph.

    Watch your vocabulary
    This is a major factor when writing a thread. You might be mad or frustrated about a situation you are having, but keep in mind that in the LEET Community there is kids, and if you use bad language you can possibly get banned.

    Take your time
    It is always best to take your time of what you are going to write. This would make sure that the thread has good content, and anyone can understand what you are trying to say to the community.

    Hope I helped you with making an awesome thread! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me!



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    Lovely, everyone should read this

    Unpinning, not needed.

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    Nice! How do you add the lines? I forgot.

  • @ManoftheJungle said in How to make a good looking thread:

    Nice! How do you add the lines? I forgot.

    Three underscores

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    @Thouv Thanks. Now I remember.

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