Mingame builders wanted

  • @Numba1Sweetty you will care, if leet staff give you heck for it, and if you did again and again, you possibly could get banned. It always works to try and get along with people.

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  • @Slyfox_2468 He will be warned to not do it again

    Can Chickens be a vex?

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    Yamburgers or Turkey Burgers?

    You are a head person

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  • Getting on topic… I would love to help you build minigames

    My server b49217.leet.cc port 49217

    Im back 😆


  • @Numba1Sweetty said in Mingame builders wanted:

    … Wait for it…

    Damn where did that come from!
    An empty cup of caring awww ❤❤

    Have fun getting banned :+1:

  • Banned

    I would love to help! If you have discord, message me @ManoftheJungle#4587 or DM me here.

  • @Numba1Sweetty Best of luck finding builders!


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  • I won’t start things if people don’t be ***s to me. Get banned? Oh no I can never make another profile again .

  • @GenetiCraft

  • @Numba1Sweetty Your welcome!


    GoblinBuilders Manager | GenetiCraft CEO


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