Using multiple servers on LEETV2

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    I’m getting a lot of questions on this topic so I thought I’d explain it here as clearly as possible.

    On LEETV2 a server can be of two types:

    1. Device Server. This means that it only works on the device it is on. These servers are loaded automatically when you open up the app. If you log out from one of these servers you may see a “Load server on device” button. Click on this button loads the Device Server.

    2. Registered Server. This means that the server is associated with an email. To open up a Registered Server you click on “Log in to existing server” and then enter your email and password.

    Few important things to understand:

    • When servers are created (or upgraded from LEETV1) they become a “Device Server”.
    • You can only have one “Device Server” on each device.
    • You can convert a “Device Server” to a “Registered Server” by clicking “Click here to Register” below the “Play Now” button. After you have verified your email the server becomes a “Registered Server” and you’ll need to user the email/password whenever you want to access the server
    • Only “Registered Servers” are truly secure
    • “Registered Servers” can be used on any device and you can move them freely between devices as you like

    To create or use multiple servers on a device, you need to do the following:

    1. Create a new server (or upgrade a LEETV1 server). This gets you a “Device Server”
    2. Register the server so it becomes a “Registered Server”. You have to do this as only one “Device Server” is allowed on each device
    3. Log out (it’s a button below “Play Now”). This takes you back to the intro-tutorial
    4. You can now click on “Create Server” and create another “Device Server”
    5. To create even more servers, go back to step #2, and loop…

    I hope this helps clear the confusion…!


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