In need of staff

  • Hello my name is Miranda and I am in look for staff for my server GuacaJuanMole thats just reopened, I would like to see many people playing and having fun it is a survival & roleplay server we have a big village, school, pvp arena and a lot of more things you will need to discover I hope you have fun and enjoy my server if you have questions please enter to the server website or contact me on kik as MirandaIsBaee

    My server:


  • I can help out if you’d like =)

    Support me on my journey by joining :
    IP: PORT: 59615 ( My Server )

    Ex-Co-leader of LEET Clashers
    Ex-Leader of LEET Clashers #2


  • Banned

    Nice, im sure someone of this big nice community can help you.

    Banned for inappropriate language ~MrCakeSlayer


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