FinnCraft *NEW* Overview, Updates and more!

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    Hey! Finn here ( Again with the best intro ever 2019 )

    Today’s topic is about : My Server Overview.

    What does your server include?

    • Freebuild ( We don’t have plots, we may do very soon! )
    • Minigames ( You will never be bored on FCPE, We have parkour and more to come in the future! )
    • Roleplay ( On FCPE, Roleplay is a key feature, we mostly do School RP’s and Mum and Dad RP’S )
    • Dating ( Someone lookes cute, and you want to date them? Go ahead, dating is allowed. )
    • VIP giveaways ( We only do FREE Giveaways every 2 months, for fun! )

    Are your staff active and friendly?

    • Yes, all of our staff and mostly active and kind, players are our priority. We care.
    • To become staff, we handpick. not apply. Just be active, use grammar and be kind. Then we may
      think about it! ;)

    What are the staff rules when I become staff?
    1| Always use grammar, we like to make our server look smart and professional.
    2| Always give warnings for trusted reasons, we have rules. Give them a W1 for abuse of any of the
    rules. Then a W2 and so on…
    3| Do not abuse your powers! /me is for annoucments, /say is for Important annoucements.
    4| You must follow the rules aswell! It does NOT apply just for the players, staff must follow it aswell!

    Server Rules?
    1| Do not ask for OP or any admin or ranks, this will lead you to a W1 (A)
    2| Do not advertise any sort of Servers or Websites, this will lead you to a W1 (A)
    3| Swearing is not permitted on this server, using this will be a DB (B)
    4| To get the [YT] Group Rank, you MUST have 300+ subscribers with proof, if you fake this it will be a
    DB (B)
    M| There are many other rules, make sure you read them before you play!

    I’m in Smode, how can I get Cmode??
    You will need to take a Cmode test, this is 3 questions so we can protect our server from nasty players
    who somehow like to grief.

    When are the tests for Cmode??
    Monday, 16:00PM -> 16:30PM ( GMT )
    Tuesday, No tests are being hosted that day.
    Wednesday, 17:55PM -> 18:25PM ( GMT)
    Thursday, No tests are being hosted that day.
    Friday, No tests are being hosted that day.
    Saturday, 10:30AM -> 11:00AM ( GMT ) || 13:00PM ->13:30PM ( GMT )
    Sunday, 11:00AM -> 12:00PM ( GMT ) || 19:30PM ->20:25PM ( GMT)
    These tests dates are brand new and may not work.

    Warnings and bans?
    (A) W1 - Warning 1, you can get this for abuse of any of the rules.
    (?) W2 - Warning 2, you can get this for another abuse of the rules.
    (?) W3 - Warning 3, The last warning before something happens.
    (B) DB - Day Ban, Your Device Banned for 1 day for over 3 warnings, do not pleed on Finn’s comments
    telling him to Un-Ban you, as you won’t.
    (?) RC - Red Card, Your perm banned ( Device ) You still abuse the rules after a DB. Goodbye!!

    Server IP and Port?
    PORT> 33459
    Emergency IP>

    This was a MASSIVE post LOL, have a great day!
    This took me 30M to make this, my life.**

    Banned for selling account ~Cake


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