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  • Banned

    Why hello there! Looks like you want to join the lovely
    server called FinnCraft

    I will tell you what you can do on FinnCraft and how
    you can get ranks and rewards.

    -----------------------------------------What is FinnCraft ? -----------------------------------------
    FinnCraft is a freebuild server with unlimited building space
    FinnCraft is also a Roleplay server, good for school RP’s

    -----------------------------------------What plugins/slots are there e.t.c -----------------------------------------
    *We have quite alot of plugins, I may not list them all,
    But here are some of the plugins we have: Clearlag ,
    PocketVote , Modify Ranks
    We have 15 slots currently, we upgrade this every 5 months

    -----------------------------------------Why should I join? -----------------------------------------
    You should join FinnCraft as it is very fun and
    quite popular, our staff are very active and kind
    to our members, we also give you
    3 Warnings before a ban, so it’s fair

    -----------------------------------------What are the rules? -----------------------------------------
    1. Do not ask for ranks / OP / Admin commands
    2. Do not advertise websites or servers e.t.c
    3. Do not online date on this server, you may
    roleplay date, but if we find out your not RPing
    You will be given a Warning

    -----------------------------------------What will I get if I vote / Donate? -----------------------------------------
    If you donate 300 Credits ($0.99) , You will get [VIP]
    Rank which includes: A special rank, SOME commands

    If you donate 2000 credits ($9.xx) , You will get [UltraVIP]
    Rank which includes: A special rank, Quite a few commands,
    Join the server when it is full

    Other donations amounts will be varied
    If you vote for the server 15 times, You will get the
    [VOTER] Rank

    ----------------------------------------- Map resets and player management -----------------------------------------
    We reset the map every 5 Months
    Every player is given 3 warnings, if they overpass
    3 warnings, they will get a DAY BAN, Which is a ban for
    24 hours.

    If they overpass 4 warnings, they get a IP/Device ban
    *You can get Red Carded for the following: Hacking,
    Dosing, DDoSing.
    What are red cards? They are a PERM BAN (ip/device)

    Well this is a big post… Hope you join!

    IP: a33459.leet.cc
    PORT: 33459

    Banned for selling account ~Cake


  • @FrostyFinn Awesome! I’ll be sure to join! :)

    Developer | Writer | Lifeboat Moderator
    Twitter: @BouncyJeffer


  • I will join soon :D

    Those who build small stand tall

    Follow me on twitter @zMutant300


  • Good luck with your server :)

    1,000,000 Credits: 24/2/17


  • Im waiting for a cmode test. When are you usually on?

    Always here to help!


  • I used your referall code on my server btw…

    Always here to help!


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