BPServer | YunskiJapan Relaunch 🚀

  • Hey guys, and welcome to the BPServer!
    Our server has now been open for almost a year, and has now been public for just under 7 months! As a lot of our server is becoming outdated, many of our worlds will be undergoing a refresh, including YunskiJapan, Kyu Shigai, MultiWorld and more! We hope by making some changes, BPS can become better and better and be more open to a larger variety of players.

    What will I be able to do when the sevver relaunches?
    We expect that there will be 6-7 worlds/game modes available, including:

    • FreeBuild
    • MultiWorlds
    • Roleplay
    • PvP
    • YunskiJapan Academy
    • Checkmate
    • CreativePlay

    What’s ‘Checkmate’?
    Checkmate will be a brand new Roleplay/adventure gamemode which is based off the dystopian bestseller, Checkmate by Marlorie Blackman. Set in a world where racial prejudice is the norm, take the role of one of the Hadleys or McGregors as the noughts continue to fight for equality against the powerful crosses. Find yourself intertwined in conflict passing between both families as there worlds collide and start crashing down. Perhaps take the role of Callie Rose and pass through a childhood, a school and a life being completely ruled by your mother and others around her, leading her to eventually take actions to her own hands and join the dreaded Rights activists, the L.M, maybe even resulting in her being furthers used and the entire world having to suffer… But How?
    More information will follow as the Roleplay Act becomes more finalised and perfected.

    When will the Relauch occur?
    We are not completely sure of when exactly the server will reopen, it will come down to what is added and how long things will take to build, create etc.
    We will update this post when we are more sure of the time.

    Thanks for reading, and we will update this post with any further information as time goes on.

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    • Genysis
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    BPSgroup ;D


  • Sounds cool for the relaunch, but sad thst you will be renovating.


    GoblinBuilders Manager | GenetiCraft CEO


  • @BPSgroup Awesome! Be sure to make a thread when re-opening!

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    Twitter: @BouncyJeffer


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