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    It has come to my attention recently that certain iOS users are frequently having troubles receiving the credits they have purchased and I have received enough information now to narrow it down to one most common situation:

    The “Family Sharing” account setup. INFO

    In this situation, you have been given an account with an email address to use on your iOS device by your parents. This account is therefore managed by your parents “Master” account.

    Which means, anything you do on your own account, is reported back to the Master account, including purchases.

    In the cases I have followed closely and taken care of myself, the Master account not only watches the activity, but has also requested to Approve all purchasing activity. So when you try to buy for yourself or donate to a server, the Master account needs to first Approve this.

    Because of this, there is a delay in the communication, and the credits are not added.

    We are now fully aware of this and will be taking the necessary steps in order to fix this problem.

    Until then there are some things I can suggest to help out a little:

    1. Try asking the “Master” account to disable the approval requirement. Not recommended, as it is a good security procedure and saves us… I mean the Parents time and trouble.
    2. Pay close attention when making the purchase and make sure the “Master” account is available to quickly approve it.
    3. If you have the freedom to, create a separate account outside the “Family Sharing” setup and donate to yourself there. You dont even need to have to buy credits that way also, you can just use the tapjoy “earn credits” option.

    Thankyou to all the reported cases and patient people who hadto wait for me to figure this out. As soon as possible, we will have a fix out, until then im available every day to take care of the problem manually. Just email me at with your Support ID and copy of both the “Child” and “Master” receipts.

    Have a nice day
    LEET General Manager


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