Enable weather, animals and mobs!

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    Hey folks and server owners,
    Today a small update for the LEET Servers for MCPE app! Since we’ve recently changed the server software to Genisys (which also allows mobs, animals and weather) we decided to add the options to enable or disable these features in the LEET App.
    And don’t worry about your beloved credits, enabling these 3 features doesn’t add any credits to the daily cost and doesn’t cost you credits to enable it! Awesome right?

    Now, you might be so excited to try this out, unfortunately, most servers are down at this moment. We’re working hard on fixing this problem so that you can enjoy your servers and try out the mobs and animals on your server and have the pleasure of tapping a new switch button in the app.

    Animals mobs & weather

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  • Nice Work @SirMaxime :)

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  • Would disabling Monsters make it so slappers don’t move?

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    @Thouv No. The problem with slappers moving is a problem with the Slapper plugin. The setting won’t fix it.

  • Nice. BTW For me it is not enable to update yet.
    I’m using android. @SirMaxime

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    @Nick_616 Go to ‘My apps’ then press ‘Update all’

  • Working! Thank you SIR @SirMaxime

  • um when I spawn a zombie its just a slapper… and its not just a normal zombie that you can kill

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    @Nick_616 Awesome :)

  • @SirMaxime K I thought it was part of the update like entities got AI or smthg. Thx

  • … To make mobs kill-able or for them to move on their own, you’ll have to disable the “Slapper” or “Mob Tags” plugin since the plugin sees all spawned entities as Slappers.

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  • The admins will have to fix it.

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    Thanks, SirMaxime!

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  • This is very useful

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  • :D :+1:



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    Nice update! :)

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  • Cool! :smile:
    But Mob/Monsters can spawn if i Enable slapper plugin???

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  • How exactly do I get this option? My app doesn’t need an update, I deleted and redownloaded it, and I still don’t see the option :x

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  • Nice update @SirMaxime :D

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  • @SirMaxime thank god. I really hate the weather.

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