How to get a leet server (FOR NEW USERS)

  • Hey guys James here, and back with another tutorial!
    This tutorial, is About how to get a leet server!
    This is for NEW USERS That dont know what leet is or dont know how to make a server, so dont go saying i know this! Not everyone does know!

    What is Realms?
    Leet, is a Hosting copany hosting on ios and android!
    Also, it is on the appstore (FOR IOS) and google playstore (FOR ANDROID)

    How to Install FOR IOS

    1. For IOS users, go to appstore and search Leet Realms
    2. Then click Leet Realms v2, as thats the latest version of leet!
    3. Wait for it to install…
    4. Once installed, go into the app and start makinh your server!

    How to Install FOR ANDROID

    1. For android users, go to Google playstore and search up Realms
    2. Install
    3. Once installed, now go make your server!

    How to make a MCPE Leet server?

    1. Go into realms app!
    2. It should give you a setup if your new to!
    3. Follow the steps!
    4. And done!
    5. Now just start MAKING UR OWN AWESOME LEET SERVER!!!

    How to Get Credits
    Theres ways of gettibg credits!

    1. People donate to you!
    2. Get money usibg your playstore money or itunes!

    How to Install Plugins

    1. Click the advance Mode
    2. Unlock it before purchasing plugins and what nots!
    3. There ya go! Now click the plugins you want!
      Warning, they do cost credits, so make sure you have enough credits!
    4. DONE!

    How to Op your self!

    1. Go to leet app
    2. Click the Ops/admin tap!
    3. add your name!
      WARNING: it is case sensitive!

    How to Change the server Name?

    1. Click Server name Tap
    2. Start editing your server name!
    3. Also, you can make color server name!
      By doing @6Welcome!
      That would make the welcome server name orange!
      For more, look up color codes!

    How to Donate
    Want to donate to a server?
    Well heres how you donate…

    1. Download Realns Donation app for ANDROID
    2. Install it
    3. Open the app (ONCE INSTALLED)
    4. Fill in the server ip, and ect!
    5. Purchase how much credits you want to donate!

    How to donate for IOS

    1. Download the leet co payments app from the appstore!
    2. Once installed, open it
    3. Fill in the server ip and name!
    4. Click make co payment to server!
    5. Chose how much credits to purchase!
    6. DONE!
      Hope this helped and PEACE!!!

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  • Lol Nice !

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    Thanks for the tutorial! Very complete and useful. :D

  • Good tutorial, very helpful and complete. Definitely first time user friendly. :)

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    Good job :)


  • How can I delete a server and get money back? My daughter is being bullied on her server. She bought another one and white listed only 4 people. I need the other one taken down. Kids sign on as her and have chats w her name and ruin other kids buildings. Please help

  • Management

    @lewatters Hi sir, I am sorry your daughter was bullied, unfortunately we are not responsible for what happens in servers. That is the server’s owner responsibility. If you want your daughters server deleted just leave it offline for 2≥3 days. Unfortunately we cannot offer you an refund, sorry.


  • I know it’s nobody’s fault. I just want it turned off. I think my problem is that the app that’s on my phone only has the new server info on it not the old one. I can’t get to that server to make it offline. Those girls still go on the server daily and pose as my daughter using her name and damage things and have chats. People think it’s my kid doing this stuff. Then the bullying spills into school. We are talking 10 year old kids not adults. I have no way to get to this server to make it offline. Is there any behind the scenes way to delete this? Is there a phone number to call and give her info to them and they find the server and turn it offline?

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    Hi @James100 very informative!! :)


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  • What about having to login to a server because I am lost on that

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    @jshelton9336 said:

    What about having to login to a server because I am lost on that

    What part of it?

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    @Poolie32006 said in How to get a leet server (FOR NEW USERS):

    hahaa im the first commenting in 2016!!!HEEE


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