(Tutorial) How do I add a privilege's to a certain Category?

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    Hello, LEET Folks

    In this tutorial i’ll show you how how to add privilegies to your forums! So if you don’t want them to have admin and you think once they have the powers they will remove your admin! Well thats ok because i’ll show how to add privileges with them having no access to the admin panel.

    First you want to go to your admin panel. The admin panel looks like a settings icon beside the groups icon. To make it easier for you guys I placed my mouse just if you don’t know where it is.


    Once in the admin panel you want to click the manage section. In the manage section there is a few subcategories. Click the categories option.


    Now you want to choose the category you want to add privileges too. In this case i’ll use the category from my last tutorial called “My favorite Category”. There is two options. The Disable button and the edit button. To add a privilege you must tap the edit button of your desired category.


    Once you have click the edit button you will be launched to category settings. Beside the category settings there is an option called Privileges so you want to click that.


    Now you are taken to the privileges section. To see if you followed the steps right the privileges section will look exactly like the following picture.


    Find Category
    In the picture you see I have checked find category for the registered users and the guests. For all the users they will be able to see the My Favorite Category on the forums. If I want the guests to not see it for a little troll or this is only for registered users I would un check the guests find category.

    Access and Read
    This allows the users to look at your topics and read them. Let’s say its the staff forums I would disable the check so then they can’t read my personal stuff. Only the users I specify can.

    Create Topics
    Create topics allows you to create a thread like this tutorial. Lets say Finished is my subcategory of Staff Applications. If I don’t want them to post their I would disable the check mark because I know some users don’t understand if finished means something else.

    Reply to topics.
    This allows the user to reply to a topic. Lets say I don’t want them to reply in my favorite category because I know my users like to spam :) I would disable the check mark for reply to topics in that category.

    This allows you to delete completely topics and posts. So lets say if I see that the user is abussing his/her launguage I would enable the check to the users I specify so they can have permmision to that action.

    This allows the users you specify to have permission to : Lock topics, Move topics, Mark Unread, Pin topics, Fork Topics, and delete topics in that category.

    Now i’ll show you how to add user to the privileges

    First, i’ll click the Add user inside the blue box. Now i’ll type the username of the user in the search box. In this case i’ll give Sirslayer0102 these privileges.


    Then, I will check the boxes I want him to have permmision too. Since he is the best person in the world ill give him each permmision. Once your done should look like this.


    Finally you will add click the right bottom hand corner and it would save.

    Now this is the end of the tutorial. I want to thank you guys for reading this tutorial and thanking GenetiCraft for letting me use their forums.

    If you have any further questions or need assistance post your comments or questions down below and i’ll be happy to answer you.

    Kind Regards,


    I am SirSlayer.


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    Thanks so much, dude! I did not know how to do this before!

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